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Captains’ Bios

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Captain Erik Brown 

Erik Brown first wet his feet sailing as a kid in Connecticut and his feet haven’t dried yet. He spent summers at sailing camp and graduated from a Maritime Trade High School. In 2009, Erik moved to Washington to study at The Evergreen State College. Working through college, Erik coached the Olympia High School sailing team and ran the Olympia Summer Learn to Sail program. 


Erik loves teaching and sharing his passion for sailing and the outdoors. Erik has worked as a shipwright on projects as diverse as carbon fibre multi hulls and traditional wooden boats. A US Coast Guard licensed captain, US Sailing Certified instructor and former EMT, Erik sails everything from dinghies (and his hydro-foiling windsurfer) to schooners, and he has voyaged all over the world.

He and his wife/business partner, Alyce, met sailing a wooden yawl in Mexico. Along the way Erik has picked up a large repertoire of sea songs—maybe he will sing one for you. Erik looks forward to sailing with you on Port Townsend Bay this summer.

Captain Alyce Flanagan  

Until high school, Alyce Flanagan’s home was her family’s eighty-two foot schooner. At times that home sailed to New Zealand, Ireland, French Polynesia and through the Panama Canal. Alyce has taught sailing since she learned to talk, crewing and teaching aboard many tall ships and sail training vessels.


Currently the Port Townsend High School Sailing Team coach, Alyce has extensive dinghy racing experience, having competed in high school and collegiate racing. 


Alyce very much looks forward to sharing her love of sailing with you this summer.  


“We enjoyed a wonderful sail in Port Townsend Bay. We had a great sail!”

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