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The Katie M

Our catboat Katie M was built locally at the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building and was launched in 2009. She is a reproduction of a working catboat from the late 1800’s. Katie’s predecessors would have been used for fishing in the shallow waters along the coast of new England.


Her wide beam and shoal draft made the catboat an efficient, capable, and stable platform for all sorts of work in the past and present. Katie M is a gaff rigged Catboat, meaning that she has one mast stepped all the way forward and one big four sided sail.


Katies’ Cockpit is spacious and comfortable, with room to accommodate up to 6 passengers. Forward Katie has a cozy cabin. There is a head (toilet), a cooler, and room to stow personal items below or take a break from the elements. 


Where Katie M differs from Catboats of the past is her auxiliary propulsion. She is equipped with a fully electric drive system from Torqeedo which makes for a quiet, emission free, motoring experience. We slip quietly on and off the dock with grace and ease and can explore the bay even on a calm day.


“Left Coast Charters is a fantastic way to see Port Townsend from a different perspective while enjoying a bevy and noshes. The only thing more beautiful than the scenery (mountains, porpoises, and more!) was the beautiful cat boat. The attention to detail is exquisite. Erik is thorough, yet relaxed. He was an excellent captain and a pleasure to meet. Happy to let guests take the helm, or he'll just sail the boat why your group passes the time sipping wine and having a good time! Can't wait to get in the water again!!”

“We enjoyed a wonderful sail in Port Townsend Bay. Motoring out of the harbor with the electric motor and then setting sail and cruising the waterfront was a relaxing and picturesque way to experience the town. The spacious cockpit seated our family of six comfortably and we spread our picnic lunch out on the table. We had a great sail! Erik is very professional and shares his joy and knowledge of sailing, wooden boats, nature and the local area.”

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